Board of Directors

Our Values: Professionalism, respect, transparency and inclusion.

Our Mission: To connect and empower chiropractic state associations

See a List of Past Presidents

Dr. Thomas Wetzen (VA)

Dr. Brian Stenzler (FL)
1st Vice President

Dr. Julie Bird (IL)
2nd Vice President

Dr. Brenda Holland (WI)
Immediate Past President

Dr. Rachel Wendt (KY)

Dr. Gerald Stevens (NY)

Tiffany Stevens (TN)
Executive Director at Large

Dr. Thomas Augat (ME)
District 1 Director

Marc Abla, CAE (IL)
District 2 Director

Dr. Glenn Jaffe (NC)
District 3 Director

Dr. Travis Oller (KS)
District 4 Director

Jeff Curwen, CAE (WA)
District 5 Director

ChiroCongress Representatives to the Clinical Compass Board

Dr. Nick Karapasas

District 1 Rep

Dr. Christopher Dolecki (MI)
District 2 Rep

Dr. Winston Carhee

District 3 Rep

Dr. Carson Muth

District 4 Rep

Dr. Ron Wilcox

District 5 Rep