2022-2023 Committees & Task Forces


Committees and task forces are comprised of ChiroCongress Board of Directors and current State Association member leadership.  Committees and Task Forces are seated annually. New task forces or members may be added from time-to-time throughout the year upon approval of the President and/or Board of Directors. State designation and district representation are reflected below (i.e., WI-1 = Wisconsin, District 1).

Executive Committee

Purpose: Charged with the oversight of the Executive Director. To work with the Executive Director to manage and resolve issues that come up between board meetings and report on these items to the full board. The Executive Committee actions are subordinate to the Board of Directors.

Dr. Thomas Wetzen (VA-3), President
Dr. Brian Stenzler (FL-3) 1st Vice President
Dr. Julie Bird (IL-2) 2nd Vice President
Dr. Brenda Holland (WI-2) Immediate Past President
Dr. Rachel Wendt (KY-3) Secretary
Dr. Gerald Stevens (NY-1) Treasurer
Tiffany Stevens (TN-3) Executive Director at Large

Governance Committee

Purpose: To regularly review ChiroCongress Bylaws and Policies & Procedures. Make recommendations to Board of Directors and membership on changes. To coordinate annual nominations for open positions on the Board of Directors and assist in filling any vacancies during the year.

Dr. Gerald Stevens (Chair) (NY-D1)
Dr. Brenda Holland (WI-D2)
Dr. Thomas Wetzen (VA-D3)
Dr. Brian Stenzler (FL-D3)
Tiffany Stevens (TN-D3)
Jeff Curwen (WA-D5)
Dr. Glenn Jaffe (NC-D3)
Elizabeth Klein (OR-D5)

Public Policy Initiatives Committee

Purpose: Identify and act as the coordinating team for programs or policy-making initiatives (i.e. Medicare) with partner and/or state/national associations. Tracks on legal issues impacting the profession.

Marc Abla (Co-Chair) (IL-D2)
Dr. Brenda Holland (Co-Chair) (WI-D2)
Dr. Thomas Wetzen (VA-D3)
Dr. Dan Spencer (MI-D2)
Tiffany Stevens (TN-D3)
Dr. Brad Stauffer (NE-D4)
Dr. David Kassmeier (NE-D4)
Dr. Thomas Augat (ME-D1)
Lori Grassi (WA-D5)
Dr. Rachel Wendt (KY-D3)
Dr. Brandy Spaulding (OH-D2)
Elizabeth Klein (OR-D5)

Education & Events Committee 

Purpose: Develops and delivers events and education programs to members, evaluates program effectiveness, cultivates student engagement, and oversees membership affairs.

Dr. Rachel Wendt (Chair)(KY-D3)
Dr. Thomas Wetzen (VA-D3)
Dr. Julie Bird (IL-D2)
Jeff Curwen (WA-D5)
Dawn Benton (CA-D5)
Julie Connolly (VA-D3)
Dr. Travis Oller (KS-D4)
Bob Reed (ME–D1)
Dr. Michelle Rose (VA-D3)
Tiffany Stevens (TN-D3)
Heather Wrenn (NC-D3)
Elizabeth Klein (OR-D5)

Task Force: 2024 District 4 Convention

Purpose: To assist with convention site selection and to provide other input on convention in District 4

Chair: Dr. Travis Oller (KS-4) and
Executive Directors from Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

 Task Force: Awards, Recognition & Gamification

Chair: Bob Reed (ME-D1)
Dr. Gerald Stevens (NY-D1)
Dr. Julie Bird (IL-D2) 
Dr. Brian Stenzler (FL-D3)
Dr. Travis Oller (KS-D4)
Jeff Curwen (WA-D5)

Finance & Budget Committee

Purpose: Oversee the preparation of the annual budget and financial performance of the organization. This committee is also responsible for overseeing fundraising and affiliate non-dues revenue relationships.

Dr. Gerald Stevens (Chair) (NY-D1)
Dr. Thomas Wetzen (VA-D3)
Dr. Glenn Jaffe (NC-D3)
Dr. Julie Bird (IL-D2)
Elizabeth Klein (OR-D5)

District Representatives to Clinical Compass Board

Purpose: To participate in matters relating to guidelines and best practices. To act in the best interest of ChiroCongress members and the chiropractic profession.

Dr. Brenda Holland (WI-D2) – Liaison
Dr. Nick Karapasas (CT-D1)
Dr. Christopher Dolecki (MI-D2)
Dr. Winston Carhee (GA-D3)
Dr. Carson Muth (ND-D4)
Dr. Ron Wilcox (WA-D5)
Elizabeth Klein (OR-D5)

Medicare Advisory Group (Ad Hoc Support Group)

 Purpose: To monitor Medicare-related issues. 

Dr. Brad Stauffer
Dr. David Kassmeier
Dr. Eric Carlsen
Dr. Lyle Coleman
Dr. David Dziura
Dr. Mario Fucinari
Dr. Shannon Gaetner-Ewing
Dr. Rich Healy – ANJC Medicare Consultant
Dr. Albert Kalter
Dr. Rusty Myers
Dr. Mariangela Penna
Dr. Glenn Jaffe

Elizabeth Klein