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ChiroHealthUSA is a provider-owned network providing healthcare to over half a million people.
“The Network that works for Doctors AND Patients. It’s a Win-Win.”


NCMIC is the largest provider of chiropractic malpractice insurance in the nation where “We take care of our own.”


“America’s best Mattress Since 1905 – Eclipse International  has set the bar for technologies that improve sleep quality, reduce back and neck pain, and virtually eliminate stiffness. “


Standard Process is the visionary leader in whole food nutrient solutions.
We apply systems thinking to holistic nutrition that empowers practitioners to transform lives.”

SecureCare works on behalf of doctors of chiropractic to provide access to major insurance companies, competitive reimbursement rates, chiropractic & insurance accountability, and more!”

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Breakthrough Coaching is a practice management consulting and personal coaching firm that focuses on preparing chiropractors to become primary providers of the prevention and wellness services.

Cash Practice has been leading the cash-based practice movement since 2003 with the expertise to help you increase your cash collections and reduce your dependence on insurance.

Chiropractic Therapy Assistant “CTA” clinical resources provide focused education and training to allow you to meet the field demand for qualified, professional chiropractic assistants so you can excel in your career.

ChiroCode provides insurance reimbursement solutions to chiropractors via books, online tools, and other resources, focusing on Documentation, Coding, Reimbursement and Compliance.

ChiroOne Wellness Centers offers a unique care model that of chiropractic adjustments and active therapies that help provide relief from pain and discomfort, increase physical functionality and improve overall wellness.

HIPAA Compliance Services  offers a step-by-step program to ensure your practice maintains HIPAA compliance and stays up-to-date on new rules and regulations that address threats to your practice.

ID Experts offers Identity and privacy protection for the digital age -Protecting over 40 million people and organizations in every industry from the latest cyber threats.

Help your members grow their practice with the Kanvas app by Kaizenovate! This customizable app is proven to increase patient engagement. Member discounts and non-dues revenue included in this program!

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