Frequently Asked Questions

What are our Mission, Goals, and Values?

Our Vision:  To be the beacon for chiropractic state associations to realize their optimal potential, through the power of collaboration. (a/k/a ChiroCongress is…)

Our Mission: ChiroCongress connects and empowers chiropractic state associations.

Our Values: Collaboration, Inclusion, Professionalism, Respect, Transparency

Strategic Pillars

  • Communication:
    Facilitate effective communication for increased engagement with all stakeholders.
  • Member Engagement:
    Provide exceptional and abundant resources to support member chiropractic state associations.
  • Organizational Governance:
    ChiroCongress’ governance documents guide and support successful mission execution.
  • Organizational Sustainability:
    ChiroCongress’ operational needs and ongoing innovation desires are fully funded and supported by individuals and partnerships who align with our purpose, mission, vision, values, and goals.

Core Values: 

  • Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Collaboration
  • Inclusion
  • Transparency

View the 2022-2025 Chiro Congress Strategic Plan

Why should my association become a member of ChiroCongress?

Networking: This is the primary value of a ChiroCongress membership. We provide extensive networking opportunities for your association through our annual convention and our communications systems. This includes our invaluable nonpartisan forum our state associations utilize to learn from each other about current trends and challenges in chiropractic, how other states are dealing with these challenges, and how to duplicate those successful strategies in your own state. 

Discounts and Non-Dues Revenue: ChiroCongress continues to develop a Resource Center through which your association can obtain exclusive products and services that will increase your own members’ benefits and your non-dues revenue. Our organization represents the largest number of chiropractors through our member associations, which gives us the position to negotiate deals you would not otherwise be able to obtain as a singular association. 

Who does ChiroCongress currently represent?

Nearly fifty associations are currently active members of ChiroCongress. These associations range from large to small and represent a wide range of philosophical backgrounds that allow for a variety of ideas, strategies and opportunities to be shared with each other. 

What does it cost to become a member of ChiroCongress?

The cost of membership is $1,000 per year for regular member associations and $600 per year for a limited membership.
Please visit our Membership Page for more details on the membership levels and how to join.

How does my association become a member of ChiroCongress?

Potential members must complete the Chiropractic Organization Application and provide a copy of your organization’s Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, the list of your association’s in-state chiropractic members (which will be kept confidential), and a list of your officers with their contact information. Your application will be reviewed by the ChiroCongress Membership Committee and approved by the ChiroCongress Board of Directors. Please visit our Application Page for full details and to access the Membership Application.