Project Supporters

Special thanks to our project supporters listed below plus all the State Chiropractic Associations for helping to distribute the survey and participating in this project! If you are interested in more information about how you can support the strategic plan development, please contact us! If we have missed anyone please forgive the oversight and let us know how you are supporting the project so we can provide the appropriate recognition!

Thank You to our Corporate Financial Contributors!!

Spaulding Chiropractic

Thank you to our Individual Financial Supporters!!

Debbie Ryan

Dr. Brenda Holland

Dr. Darla Lammers

Dr. Tom Wetzen

Dr. Jay Greenstein

Dr. Mark Sanna

Dr. Stephen Welsh

Dr. Cyndy Shaft

Dr. Chad Carpenter

Dr. Leigh Elceser

Barbara Contessa

Dr. Julie Bird

Dr. Dan Spencer

Dr. Gerald Stevens

Dr. Ray Foxworth

Dr. Lou Crivelli

Dr. Norm Ouzts

Dr. Lisa Thomson

Troy & Lizz Klein

Dr. Rachel Wendt

Dr. Michael Caforo

Dr. Daniel Cote’

Dr. Carol Winkler

Dr. Brian Stenzler

Dr. Karlos Boghoisan

Dr. Don Reno

Dr. Susan Blaskay Carver

Tiffany Stevens

Dr. Garry Baldwin

Lisa Love-Smith

Dr. Glenn Jaffe

Debbie Hagan

Dr. Lisa Olszewski

Dr. Keita Vanterpool

Thank You to our In-kind Supporters!!