Government Affairs Committee

Purpose: Advance the chiropractic profession through strong public policy and legislative action

Interim Leadership

Dr. Bill Lauretti

Dr. Bill Lauretti

Interim Co-chair

Dr. Don Reno

Dr. Don Reno

Interim Co-Chair

Interim Committee

Dr. Beth Clay

John Murray

Dr. Gene Yellen-Shiring

Dr. Dan Spencer

National Representatives

Dr. James D. Walters

Dr. Vanessa Wise

First 90-Days Tactical Plan

1. Conduct needs assessment for each State based on metrics to track with a confidential strategy to address needs. Champions: Dr. Dan Spencer, John Murray

2. Establish criteria for selecting chiropractic experts identifying areas of potential conflict of interest, vetting process, code of conduct on the scope of work. Identify expert topics needed and build a roster. Champion: Dr. Don Reno

3. Identify existing analysis of the legislation. Examine differences of approach between International Chiropractic Association (ICA) and American Chiropractic Association (ACA). Make a recommendation to the steering committee for action. Champion: Dr. Bill Lauretti

4. Recommend the formation of a Hybrid Super PAC, to the leadership committee, to include structure and initial costs. Champion: John Murray

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