Intra-Profession Communications Committee

Purpose: Expand and support the unity of the profession without the need for uniformity; continue to assure inclusive, transparent, timely communications are distributed and available to the grassroots level; promote and garner ongoing participation in succeeding with common-ground initiatives.

Interim Leadership

Kristine Dowell

Kristine Dowell

Interim Co-chair

Dr. Mark Sanna

Dr. Mark Sanna

Interim Co-Chair

Interim Committee

Dr. Julie Bird

Michael Coates, Esq.

Dr. John Stites

Kristine Dowell

Dr. Tom Wetzen

Dr. Ellen Fitzenrider

Dr. Vanessa Wise

Dr. Ray Foxworth

First 90-Days Tactical Plan

1. Populate committee and specific action-items with diverse perspectives. Champions: Co-chairs Dr. Mark Sanna and Dr. Gerald Stevens

2. Receive approval of draft professional identity statement from Leadership Committee. Champion: Co-chair Dr. Gerald Stevens

3. Draft Resolution of Support document and submit to Leadership Committee for approval. Champion: Kristine Dowell

4. Develop a structured intra-professional communication plan and recommendations for implementation. Champion: Dr. Mark Sanna

a. Develop a strategy for detractors.

b. Engage other stakeholders to gain buy-in for plan and garner statements of support.

5. Hire project manager. Champion: Dr. Ray Foxworth

6. Create third-party payor task force. Champion Dr. Ellen Fitzenrider

a. Establish an expert panel to document, research, and assist chiropractors in remedying third-party payor issues by state.

b. Conduct outreach to state associations for data.

Interim Sub-Committees