The Chiropractic profession visioning and strategic planning process is underway and will gather momentum in early 2021. Like many professions, Chiropractic is undergoing changes, and forces are reshaping the overall industry. This planning process is an opportunity for collective future thinking and thoughtful examination of possible future directions and strategic actions for the profession.

This work is in part being informed by results from the ‘Future of Chiropractic Perceptions and Priorities Survey’ that was distributed nationwide seeking input from stakeholders from across the profession. In particular, this survey explored views about key drivers shaping the future of the industry. Key data from the survey will be posted over the coming days and weeks, with an exploration of key driver discussion topics being postedin the coming days.

Currently, cohort groups representing a several segments of the profession, are also weighing in on key topics derived from the survey data. Over the next two months, we will be using scenario planning methodology as a core tool to explore and anticipate a range of plausible futures for the industry and profession. This future thinking approach attempts to consider both trajectory (direction of change) and velocity (speed of change). Future Thinking, using scenario planning, helps us think about how certain decisions and strategic directions might play out over time. It prompts us to move outside our usual thought processes, and to explore the combined impacts of multiple potential trends. This creates a sharper focus on possible future pathways, and their implications and impacts.

We will be offering the opportunity for those in the profession to weigh-in on discussion boards, to explore more deeply the impacts and implications for these drivers. This will then help inform the development of a range of plausible scenarios for the future.

We invite you to follow this work and add your thoughts to this important planning project. 

David Beurle

CEO, Future iQ