On January 29, 2021, the Texas Supreme Court issued a landmark opinion in the “nerve case,” Texas Board of Examiners, et al. v. Texas Medical Association, a ruling that settles the chiropractic scope of practice for more than 6,000 Texas chiropractors. 

In the case, the Texas Medical Association attempted to limit the state’s chiropractic scope of practice. According to a Facebook post by the Texas Chiropractic Association (TCA), Texas’ Supreme Court held that the Texas Medical Association’s “challenged rules, read in context, do not exceed the statutory scope of chiropractic practice.” The Court reversed the Third Court of Appeals’ judgment that TBCE’s rules on “musculoskeletal system,” subluxation complex,” and VONT were invalid, and instead rendered them valid. 

“This is a landmark day and case for the Texas chiropractic community and indeed the chiropractic community across the globe,” said Dr. Mo Jahadi, President of the TCA. “I want to thank every chiropractor in Texas and our friends from across the United States, who helped TCA in this fight. This was a battle that could not have been won without you.” 

A loss in the case would have put the Texas chiropractic scope of practice out of line with the practice acts of every other state. 

The Texas Supreme Court’s opinion can be found here.