We are nearing the 1/2 way point of phase II and the participation from each work group has been fantastic! Three and five-year targets have been identified, and the groups are now working on goals that need to be achieved during year one and two of implementation.  Word-smithing is still in progress, but intended outcomes are in-focus!

5-Year Targets

Professional Identity: There is one chiropractic profession with recognized, respective specialties, that are understood and accepted internally and externally – “One Voice” which is Unified Without Uniformity

Utilization/Impact: Chiropractic services are fully accessible and covered on parity with other health and wellness providers; the professional pipeline grows, with a robust return on investment in chiropractic education.

Research: There is a robust research environment that is well funded with a clear career pipeline for researchers to advance the body of work.

Legislation: There is strong legislative support for chiropractic priorities and initiatives.  States and the profession have the political capacity and funds to support the passage of legislation.

Thank you to all of the workgroup volunteers, and stay-tuned for more!

Thank you to all our supporters!