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The ChiroCares Campaign

ChiroCongress joined forces with the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress to provide our members with opportunities to give back to their communities as a pilot initiative in early 2020 in response to needs related to COVID-19.

ChiroCongress Cares was formed in 2020 to continue this good work as a charitable 501C3 nonprofit and will continue to raise money for needs throughout the US. This provides our state member associations and their respective members with opportunities to give back on a larger scale and be a part of positive change in our communities.

Questions? Ideas? Want to get involved?

Please reach out to Elizabeth Klein or Sheri Ryan with any questions or suggestions you may have!

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ChiroCares 2020

Chiropractic Relief Fund Campaign

Over the last few weeks, wildfires have been devastating communities and businesses in Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Colorado, and Idaho among other places. Beyond the fires, the nation is also seeing severe weather related to floods, hurricanes, and other related events. These too impact our industry and we want to be in the forefront of providing support to those adversely affected and can only do so with your support!

We are currently seeking donations to the ChiroCares Program to create a dedicated relief fund to make rapid response grants available to Doctors of Chiropractic now and into the future. Your contributions today will have a lasting impact on those who are affected by these unprecedented events! No donation is too small!

The Campaign

For our 2020 event, we partnered with Feeding America to donate meals to local food banks. totaling over $20,000! In addition, relief funds were raised to support flood victims in Michigan. 

Thank you to all of our State Association members that participated in this year’s event! Your contributions made a difference in your communities and helped bring the chiropractic profession one step closer to unification for the benefit of others.

Although our main event is over, if you would still like to be a part of the 2020 ChiroCares campaign you can click the link below to make a donation to support future efforts!

ChiroCares event May 19th, 2020